Voltage Transformers
inter-teknik fuses for MV voltage transformers Overview
Voltage transformers are designed to convert a primary high voltage of a power grid into an ac-ceptably lower voltage to feed measuring and protective devices. Voltage transformer are low power high impedance items that operate at low current levels. In contrast to the low operating currents, fault currents in case of insulation failure may be extremely high as voltage transform-ers are often installed at the substation bus.

Therefore, HV current-limiting fuses having high breaking capacity will preferably be used to isolate failed voltage transformers from the power system and to prevent potentially catastrophic consequences. inter-teknik fuses combine low continuous current ratings with high rated maximum breaking current.

Our fuses
We provide;
  • High breaking currents along with small rated currents
  • A big range of specific dimensions to fit in your installation
  • Technical guidelines in fuse selection & operation
  • Project-basis design
Similar to other applications, we provide our clients with a non-ageing, high quality, high breaking capacity solution. With our dedication to fuse manufacturing, we offer flexibility of providing our customers with specific dimensions and characteristics depending on the project requirements.

Please click here for voltage transformer protection principles & selection criteria.

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