Oil Insulated Switchgears


Oil-filled switchgears have been serving in the distribution grids & industrial settings for decades. Inspection of the operating switchgears are only made once in a few years. Accordingly, apart from the main task of interrupting the prospective short circuit currents, fuses should possess their oil-tightness and electrical characteristics for decades to ensure reliable operation.

Application types
Under-oil fuse-links enable intrinsically safe operation with or without integrated transformer switching device.
In some applications, under-oil fuse-links are equipped with strikers to interact with an under-oil switch to disconnect all three phase after operation of one fuse-link.
For more information on switch-fuse combinations, please follow the link.

Our fuses
We provide;
  • Hermetically sealed design which is able to operate permanently at high temperatures.
  • Reliable fuses which complies with all additional requirements of IEC 60282-1 and also withstands the odds of transformer drying, vacuum impregnation, high voltage withstand and partial discharge tests.
  • Non-ageing high quality fuse-links to match with the expected life-time of several decades.

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