Air Insulated Switchgears

inter-teknik fuses for your air-insulated m.v. switchgear

  • Unsurpassed short-circuit protection by current-limiting interruption of the faults
  • Excellent breaking capacity
  • Technical assistance for the switch-fuse & contactor combination selections: Transfer & take-over currents
  • Great variety of switching and protective devices’ combinations

M.v. fuses have proven to provide reliable and feasible protection for all kind of medium voltage equipment in public and industrial power distribution systems.

The ability of h.v. current-limiting fuses to interrupt the highest short-circuit currents much before they reach their prospective peak values, keeps potential damage to an absolute minimum, thus saving valuable equipment and preventing significant economic loss.

Technical Challenges
Due to vast application area of air insulated switchgears, inter-teknik provides its expertise for fuse selection in the switch-fuse and fuse-contactor combinations.
  • The MV distribution networks mostly protect transformers and striker operated switch fuse combinations are where selection becomes important. Transfer currents require technical expertise for proper selection.
  • Meanwhile, in the industrial applications, mostly full range protection with the switch-fuse combination/contactor is aimed, and takeover current carries a major importance. Also, industrial applications in itself, either motor or capacitor protection, will require an in-depth evaluation.
  • Non-ageing, high quality, robust design with breaking capability is required for all applications in the secondary switchgears.
  • Apart from a high quality product, technical expertise in selection and coordination plays a huge role in secondary switchgear applications. For an in-depth explanation of switch-fuse combinations both for distribution network & industrial applications, please visit here.
  • Thermal protection plays an important role, as we highly recommend use of this feature whenever fuses operate in combination with an on-load switch or contactor. In some applications, it plays a vital role in air insulated switchgears. For more details, please visit here.
For our flyer, “inter-teknik HV Fuses at Air Insulated Switchgear”, please click here.

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