Capacitor Banks
inter-teknik HV current-limiting fuses are commonly installed in series of shunt capacitors or capacitor banks to safely disconnect the capacitor circuits from supply system in the event of catastrophic failures e.g. external flashover or breakdown of capacitor insulation.

Current-limiting fuse operation is vital to minimise disturbances in the supply system as well as it may prevent capacitor case rupture. Specific contactors take over load switching under normal operating conditions and disconnection of capacitive overloads or unbalanced capacitors.

There are specific challenges with the capacitor protection.
  • High transient currents,
  • High recovery voltages,
  • Periodical mechanical stress on the delicate fuse elements

Our fuses
In capacitor protection, we give equal importance to technical assistance as we do to high quality products. This particular application is quite sensitive to selection and handling. Therefore, we provide all of our clients with the required technical assistance at all stages.
  • High breaking currents
  • Technical guidelines in fuse selection & operation
  • Project-basis design
  • Thermal protection
For more details on the technical aspects and selection criteria, please click here.

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