The principle component of the inter-teknik fuse link is the fuse element. Pure silver is the only material proven to provide excellent electrical characteristics and in practice, unlimited life time for the fuses.

Fuse element winding is applied on the starshaped rod, thus forming completely similar small cells all along the body. The lengths and cross section of the silver in each cell is completely the same. Many partial arcs form all along the melting line and the thermal heat is evenly distributed in the fuse body thus attaining a higher breaking capacity.

The tubes used are the highest quality available on the global market conforming with the C120 and C130 classifications as per IEC 60672. Thus inter-teknik fuses cope with the extreme temperatures, required insulation and everchanging operating or athmoshperic conditions.

Metal caps on both ends are made of electrolytic copper and are nickel or silver plated against oxidation. The caps are tightly pressed onto the porcelain tubes using silicone seal (Silicon free fuses are also available upon request).

Metal pieces in the inner body are manufactured from electrolytic copper. To obtain perfect current conductivity and fuse characteristics the pure silver fuse elements are welded onto the metal body by spot-welding. The inner body and outer body are also attached by spot-welding.

The mechanical strength and water tightness of our fuses are attained by mounting the metal and optical glass caps on both sides, sealing with high heat resistant silicone and special pressing methods.

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