In 1969, inter-teknik was established. We’ve launched our manufacturing activities right away with full support of Driescher Moosburg. For several decades, we’ve manufactured indoor and outdoor switches under the license of Driescher. However, our core products have always been fuses since our establishment. Following the know-how transfer from Moosburg, we’ve built an all-round expertise and global recognition in fuses.

In the recent years, we’ve reshaped our organization, focused on what we do best, empowered our team with talented people and partnered with the leading consultants. Most importantly, we’re enjoying our journey more as we move along, and we do feel that this is only the beginning.

Despite our “almost half-century” history, we consider ourselves as a start-up. In 2017, we’ve been announced among “100 fastest growing organizations in Turkey”, taking the 45th place.

We are working on expanding our product and service portfolio. We enjoy growing and reaching out to more people. Meanwhile, our main motive, and ambition, lies in our values.

Our Values


We realize that our products, fuses, are very similar to the airbags adopted in our cars. Hopefully, we never need them. But if we do, we want to be sure that they work perfectly regardless of when and where. We do our utmost to ensure that each and every product we provide lives up to highest levels of global standards and keeps our half-century supply record as it is.


We kicked-off our work on a solid level, thanks to Driescher.
We know that quality and reliability depends on the people.
So, we keep on having the best people in the industry around us.
Both within our organisation and also as outsourced consultants.


We come from a domestic market where we have historically observed sole-price competition and its dramatic impact on overall product quality in the market. So, we strongly believe in transparent and open relationships with customers and all stakeholders involved, wherever possible. We realize that it is a big challenge, but we believe in increasing the level of transparency as we grow.

Unconventional Organisational Culture

At inter-teknik, one of our core aims is to create a unique culture at our workplace. We aim to build a small community, filled by autonomous, free, dedicated and self-led people who enjoy satisfaction and outcome in accordance with their own contribution. We aim to build and grow together with our fairly young effort.

Rifat Turhan

Gökhan Bayraktar

Cevat Bilge

Serhan Kırım

Engin Özüduru
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